First contact with Startupfon

Entrepreneurs establish their first contact with Startupfon's Investment Team through the application process or introduction. Every month, 350-400 companies in the technology sector are scanned, and those deemed suitable move on to the second stage.

Startupfon Meeting Organization

Startupfon's investment team plans a meeting with potential startups. Selected startups continue to meet with the Startupfon management team.

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Due Diligence

Startupfon's investment team holds detailed meetings on finance, technology, technical, legal, and other fields for Due Diligence. Meetings are held with different members of the investment team.

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Investment Committee Meeting

Startups that have successfully completed the Due Diligence process present to Startupfon's Investment Committee, and the investment committee votes on the final investment decision.

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Co-Investment Process

After the investment terms are signed with the entrepreneur, Startupfon shares the startup on the investment platform with other investors. The process begins with inviting investors on the platform to Startupfon's online co-investment meeting. Investors can review Startupfon's investment analysis and other Due Diligence materials to help them make investment decisions.

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