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Neol, canlı bir topluluk içinde çalışmak ve mentörlük almak isteyen tasarımcılar ve yenilikçiler için tasarlanmış, Web3 teknolojilerinden faydalanan merkeziyetsiz, talebe dayalı ve tokenize edilmiş kohort tabanlı bir öğrenme platformudur.

Neol is the next generation learning and working platform powered by Web3. It plans to create a decentralized, demand-based talent platform by making use of Web3 technologies for fairer production and value creation, and turn this structure into a tokenized system.

Neol brings together creative individuals, organizations and institutions at scale-up level to produce and collaborate. Having hosted more than 20 clients and more than 600 students and eight cohorts in its pre-seed period, the startup's tokenized nature enables it to create a scalable and constantly evolving system for the community. While initially focusing on the UK market, Neol will continue to network communities in Europe and the Middle East.

Kerem Alper, who is the founding partner and CEO of Neol, completed his undergraduate education as a double major in Mathematics-Economics at Wesleyan University and completed his master's degree in Sustainable Design and Business at Stanford University. Alper founded the design studio and creative platform ATÖLYE and was acquired by New York-based kyu Collective in 2019. Co-founder Akar Sumset completed his undergraduate education at Yıldız Technical University, Department of Mathematics and completed his master's degree in Communication Strategies and Public Relations at Galatasaray University. After working in various institutions in the entrepreneurial ecosystem such as StartupBootCamp, Emlakjet and Webrazzi, he assumed the directorship of ATÖLYE in England. Co-founder Atılım Şahin completed his undergraduate education in Mechanical Engineering at Istanbul Technical University and completed his master's degree in Design at Malmö University. Şahin assumed the role of director at ATÖLYE. The founding partners have a wide communication network as well as having experience in their fields.

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Kerem Alper

Co-founder & CEO
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Akar Sumset

Co-founder & President
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Atılım Şahin